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EV Charging

EV Charging

Drive into the Future with Our Charging Solutions

Explore the EV Solution

from our authorised product provider AlphaESS

Electrify Your Fleet and Embrace the Future: EV Charging Stations for Residences and Businesses

EV Charge

Empower Your Drive

Benefits of installing EV Charge Point

More and more British Residentials and businesses are installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at their offices, factories and facilities as they begin to electrify company cars and fleets. Simultaneously, employees, customers and visitors are switching to EVs as more affordable, attractive models enter the market.

Our Solution

Our expert team will assess your specific charging needs, taking into consideration factors such as available space, power capacity, and desired charging speeds. Whether you need a single charge point for your home or a comprehensive charging infrastructure for a commercial property, we will design and install a solution that optimises convenience, reliability, and efficiency. With our customised EV charge point solutions, you can charge your electric vehicles with confidence, knowing that they are ready to hit the road whenever you need them.

Newlyn Energy EV

can help you make the switch to electrical vehicles by installing EV charging stations for the following applications.

  • Home EV Charging

  • Hotel, Supermarkets, Pubs and Apartments

  • Offices and Workplace

  • Vehicle Fleets

  • Public EV Charging Points and Carparks

EV Charge

Always charged

How do all 3 solutions work?

Our solutions - Solar PV, Battery Storage, and EV Charge points - work harmoniously together to maximise energy efficiency and sustainability. Solar PV generates clean electricity, with excess energy stored in the battery for later use. Our EV Charge points enable convenient and eco-friendly charging using solar or stored energy. Together, these integrated solutions offer energy independence, reduced carbon footprint, and cost savings.

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